Posted by Kay McKinley Arneson

Challenge is Part of the Beauty of Art

Two weeks ago today, a 25ft lift was in the middle of the gallery transporting Jay Meilahn to the ceiling to secure eyebolts to its rafters to hold thick synthetic cords. The cords now suspend 30, four-foot-high ears of corn created from hand blown glass and bronze in the installation entitled “Primordial Shift,” by Michael … Continue reading

Personality and Process: Photojournalist David Klobucar

David Klobucar is an award-winning photojournalist with 30 years in the field. His career includes 17 years with the Chicago Tribune as both a staff photographer and photo assignment editor. His many awards include the Tribune’s Edward Scott Beck Award for Photography.  Peninsula School of Art is excited to have a photojournalist of the highest … Continue reading

Art of Animation Features Top Animation Artists

The show currently on display in the Guenzel Gallery is “The Art of Animation.” This exhibit is a particular favorite of mine as it combines my love of film with traditional artistic disciplines like drawing and painting. I worked with the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) to secure the award-winning films and to contact … Continue reading